Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An Average Person's Life

In the case of the average person, ignorance of spiritual identity, egoism, attachment, aversion and clinging to things and people in life are constant and sustained. This is happening and appears as normal because everyone for the most part is following the prompting of the subconscious based desires.

If any part of an average person's life or material standing is threatened, the typical response is fear without any reflection. The idea is to intercept these feelings when they arise, resist them and substitute the fear with feelings of love, self-discipline and generosity. In other words, to be free this lifetime requires vigilance and effort. If you become lazy, forgetful and are not consistent, the old habits are revived.

As you grow stronger in your determination, afflictions become weaker and dormant because you are no longer responding to them. Constant discipline results in a state of equanimity, which cannot be disturbed by such promptings. No one can achieve this state of mind for you. It takes constant attention, patience with your ego and a deep love for your spirit. It can be done.

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