Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Jewel

The Jewel is within but the east and west approach the Jewel differently. The West emphasizes the human incarnation, and even the personality and historicity of Christ, while the East says: "without beginning, without end, without past, without future." In accordance with this conception, the Christian typically subordinates himself to the superior, divine person in expectation of His grace.

The eastern seeker knows that redemption depends on the 'work' the individual does upon himself. The Tao, the Golden Flower, the Divine Spirit grows out of the individual. The imitation of the Christ has a disadvantage. In the long run man worships as a divine example a man who embodied the deepest meaning of life, and then, out of sheer imitation, we forget to make real our own deepest meaning-God realization.

It is my opinion that it is necessary to combine the purely masculine mind with an intellect imbued with a greater mind which bears the stamp of the feminine. When we choose to live in this way, we will become participants in the Eastern Spirit. I believe that the Eastern Spirit is a remedy to the infection that has spread in the western world of limitation, separation, forgetfulness and inaction.

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