Friday, October 3, 2008

A New Age?

Changes are happening on every level. We just don't all of a sudden wake up and find ourselves living in a Golden Age. We are in the transition period and will be for some time. Our job right now is to stay awake, clean up our act, empower ourselves and take positive action. Carefully watch the media, other people or events that try to sway or manipulate inner feelings that you know are intuitively correct. It is our job to listen to our inner guidance and not be tempted along a path that is not in the best interest of soul evolution.

Ideally, you will desire to take positive action and do everything to enlighten your own mind as you are likely to be tested and tried over and over again. There are people, organizations, powerful energies in our world that are in opposition to the Light and the dream to move forward. The great need is for unity and not division. It is time to return to oneness, dignity and fairness. The more Light that you bring in through your love for truth, the more others may try to fool or catch you off guard thus dampening any enthusiasm and real joy you hold in your heart for soul progression and true freedom.

As we collectively return to a state of mind and heart of unity, the world around us will appear as crumbling. This is how it must be to open the way for the new consciousness. It is important that you strengthen your mind, emotions and actions achieving balance as well as clearly understanding what is actually behind the changes. Like Jesus said, "We cannot put new wine into old bottles".

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