Monday, October 6, 2008

Taking Action

The best action you can take right now is to heal yourself so you will think and act from a place of balance. Circulate the Divine Light within you and the power and presence generated will not only keep you centered but will reach out to others in your circle of loved ones and friends. Do your best to stay away from people who create division and express themselves from a point of fear and falsity. It is time that you be in charge and not allow negativity to influence your feelings and actions.

There are Celestial beings, angels and good friends who will protect and assist you if you keep your focus. Although appearances at times appear bleak, life is evolving the way it must. Trust is a blessing during hard times. We chose to be born during this period of change. This is why I am offering tools and techniques in my classes to help keep us balanced and in control of our own body and mind energy. Be alert to influences. Use discernment and trust the Light. Participate in the changes by becoming who you really are...a soul who is evolving through love and the choices you make.

Stay with a daily meditation schedule. Do this for you. Try nine sets of alternate nostril breathing every day to sustain your focus. Chanting Om Nama Shivaya is very centering and healing. Remember to take good care of you. There is nothing selfish about creating good for you, others and the planet. If you have a dream not yet realized, stay with it and keep dreaming. Use visualization to remind yourself that the dream will manifest because you are persistent and dedicated to your own expansion of consciousness. Think positive and forceful thoughts over and over again for long periods of time.

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