Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deliberately Creating

Manifestations of desires are not as likely to appear if they are only from the point of intellect. The more your heart feels your dream passionately and with purpose the greater the possibility of a good outcome. Learn to not limit your imagination and instead live from the consciousness of mind where you believe and live in the realm of infinite possibilities. Deliberately break any sense of limitation and in confidence change your life to reflect how you really feel.

When we are pessimistic and stay in the box, so to speak, we freeze reality. Tomorrow never really comes so why not manifest what your soul desires now? Do you ever ask your self why you are waiting for something to change for the better? Since time is a human concept, we measure our lives constantly. Why not go beyond restrictions? Make a new commitment to a different kind of thinking. Being an awakened spiritual being means to be active, positive, unlimited, loving, trusting, determined, passionate, understanding and yes, joyful. Remember to wish good things for your self and others.

There are some philosophies and religious beliefs that discourage desire. I don't discourage desire. What is good is to develop the right desire which is to become divinely conscious. If you have a good desire, do everything possible to manifest it. Why not use spiritual principles which include good desire to enhance your practical life here on earth? Why not be the best that we can be?

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