Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Weak Drama

Even though Wall Street is weakened and so many familiar aspects of life appear to be weakening, we do not have to be. There are simple devices that will restructure your reality. These devices make use of sound. The sound Ah has the ability to attract good towards you. Combine Ah with Ra, which represents fire, and you create a vibration for prosperity, perfect health, and enlightenment. Ah is desire, Ra is the fire energy and Ka is a symbol for materiality. Put the sounds together as Ah Ra Ka Ra and you will create a resonance chord that will change and regulate your mind so you are capable of manifesting good in your life. You can chant this mind mantra mentally or out loud for 10-15 minutes anywhere. It is a technique that will change your life for the better.

When we enlarge our consciousness, we can accomplish anything. It is false thinking to blame Wall Street, the government or any one else for our problems. As strange as it sounds, we are the creator of the effects in our lives. It is what we accept as our truth, the choices we make and our associations that determine cause and effect. When we look at the possibility that we may be the cause of disruption, loss, separation, lack or limitation, a new direction can be taken. We will manifest a better drama. This is your life. It is very important to understand how powerful you are and use the understanding to create your own heaven on earth.

Using a simple sound mantra as Ah Ra Ka Ra will train your mind to believe and act so you can have a better life right now. Instead of waiting for tomorrow, which never seems to come, you experience good right now. The simple mantra removes the idea of something being impossible.
Learn to take mental action as well as physical action. Be patient and watch your life unfold in a greater and more satisfying way.

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