Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leave of Absence

This is my 113 post. I will be taking a leave of absence while I compile a companion workbook for my recently published book, Be-Embracing the Mystery.
Many children, relatives, well-meaning friends and strangers have been asking questions about God. What will be shared is knowledge based on experience.

Experience is the true teacher. When enough of us have identical experiences that are supportive of the teachings of the mystics and masters, then we know with confidence that we are not only on the same journey but on the same road. The road can be hazardous throwing us many curves. The stops that fill us with awe and beauty make the trip worthwhile.

The workbook will include five questions for each chapter. I will be suggesting that the reader also have a spiral notebook handy so his/her own answers can be written first before reading the comments that I have to offer. It will be your own stimulus package. Taking the time to think deeply not only awakens the spiritual senses, it provides us the much needed clarity, peace and joy that we deserve. Until the next time...I love you.

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