Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can I Be God?

Because the majority of people are under the spell of karma, ninety-eight per cent of them do not have success with self-help books. There is a solution; the solution is you. You have a choice as to what level to think.

The monthly ongoing classes beginning in September will explore questions and answers that will help your soul evolve now! Tools in the form of sound patterns will also be offered to change your conscousness.

Do you feel you have wasted years of your life and that time is running out? There are actions you can take right now that are more important than theory. You do not have to remain in your karma. There are divine choices you can make to remove ignorance, lack, limitation and suffering. The important and first change will take place in your mind. It is time spiritual ignorance is removed.

God's Radiant Light is already here on earth to help evolve the human race. A new consciousness is required to fully participate in the waves of celestial Light. Challenge karma by making a strong commitment, falling in love with the Divine and developing a strong faith. Right now live in matter as beauty, balance, prosperity and enlightenment. Nobody is responsible except for you. The private classes are one way that you can participate, manifest and get out of the 'life is suffering' mindset. Email us if you are interested in rebuilding a higher and happier consciousness.

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Nicole. said...

I have to say. That was pretty amazing. It included some deep concepts, but said them in such a simple way, its hard NOT to think about it. I love the idea of your postings and I'll gladly follow.

Best of luck blogging!