Thursday, September 18, 2008

Be Healed Forever

I have always been drawn to the teachings of the Far East, particularly the Siddhas of India because they encourage us to be responsible for our own evolution by taking action to master the thinking mind. We do not have to remain locked into karma of the past, which we are partly experiencing right now in the present. They teach us to spiritualize matter; yes, we can become perfect beings while still in the flesh.Siddhas are those who have experienced Divine Light and Divine Power from within. Perhaps, you have a divine link with them. Don't always look to someone else's knowledge or experience although helpful and supportive. The Siddhas urge that we live according to our direct communion with the Absolute. I believe we can be healed forever. Part of the process is being free of negative karma that haunts us.

I know that regardless of how awful the world situation including appearances in our own lives that are hurtful, we can celebrate life every day as a divine being. Why not have glorious opportunities so all things can be changed to good? Why not live as your true higher spirit Self and be divine today?

How do we become a perfect being? How do we integrate the male and female principles of our true nature into the ego and flesh? Do we have to accept suffering as a normal part of life or can we gain a higher knowledge and do something positive about transforming our physical, emotional, mental and soul energy? The teachings I respect are teachings that encourage us to act. We must.
Thank you for joining me. I will contine sharing my thoughts on this subject.

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Nicole. said...

Sometimes my friends come to me, and tell me what went wrong today. Or something that has been bothering them. From the past.

I advise them to just look apon the past for advice. And not to dwell on it. To try and focus on what is happening now. And all the good things in their life.

I personally know how hard it is to do what I just said. Because our minds tend to look at the bad instead of the good. While asking ourselves 'what couldve been'

Thats my ramble for day! Yay!

Good luck Blogging.