Friday, September 19, 2008

Radiant Divine Light

I see Divine Light on a daily basis. The light is cosmic intelligence. Different enlightened beings belonging to the various religions have encountered the Radiant Light prior to enlightenment. The Light naturally continues in the devotee's life as long as she or he remembers the inner spirit identity. If you haven't listened to the free meditation listed on my website regarding remembering, please do. The Divine Light instructs, heals, guides, protects and is the substance of what lives within us. It is the holy light that is in power expressing what it is in Om, Allah, Siva, Yahweh, Jesus, Divine Mother, The Tao, Nirvana, Grace, Holy Spirit and other names we label the Divine.

In the Chinese Book of Life,The Secret of the Golden Flower, it mentions the importance of the circulation of the Light. We reach and become intimate with our true nature through the sacred language of the Light. The true human nature is the primal spirit. The primal spirit dwells in the square inch between the eyes, but the conscious spirit, which dwells below in the heart according to the Tao. Primal Spirit in the 3rd eye area is beyond the polar differences. It is in this area where we overcome the polar opposites of light and darkness and rise above the lower material worlds.

The magic of the Elixir of Life makes use of conscious action and setting the radiant Light in circulation. It is considered the supreme magic. When we meditate, we gather the Light.

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