Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sacred Journey

You are a sacred soul on a sacred journey. The primary thrust of what I teach is only you can get your life to take off. We must learn to love who we really are, a divine spirit in an animal body, and never forget. Your first and best relationship is with the Higher Self.

Everyone has a story to tell. Once you make a full commitment to your inner spirit and not suppress it, your story will change. To survive as a race, we must awaken from the sleep of forgetfulness. Visit my website and listen to the free healing meditation. The focus of the meditation/treatment is to remember who you are. Light is the divine language. My intent is to encourage you to receive the Light from your own direct experience and not rely on the experiences of others. To joyfully transform the physical into the holy and infuse the holy into the mundane, conscious action is required.

By now everyone on the path hopefully knows that humanity has been duped mentally, physically and materially. We can no longer afford to wear blindfolds, be deaf to truth or persist in robotic thinking. The ideal is for you to make conscious contact with the Ineffable Light. If you already have, expand and experience it daily. A higher reality will be revealed to you. You will gain knowledge and understanding directly. Serious students are eager to expand God's Light as an actuality in their lives.

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