Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Negative Karma

On your sacred journey you will face your own negative karma. If you focus too much on it, you can imprison yourself in a mindset that will limit your creativity on every level. Anything is possible. Although some teachers state you must experience all your past negative karma, I disagree. There are other teachers who agree with me. If you really understand the message of Jesus, you know that through the development of unconditional love, right action and a genuine forgiveness of self and others you can free yourself of past mistakes. You will attempt to understand that if you regularly meditate, pray and tune directly into the Divine, negative karma can be neutralized and healed. Once you become aware of soul evolution and act accordingly guarding your thoughts, which are the real culprits, you can diffuse the past and stop creating new negative karma in the present.

Right now, you are likely experiencing in some area of your life the past negative effects from
previous actions that worked against the harmony of the soul. Your soul selects which thoughts and actions it desires to experience in the new life opportunity. As you experience the old in current time as humans know it, you are also creating future experiences. All creations can be altered if you make a decision to change your mind and create a new drama and step out of the scene that is not really fulfilling the evolution of the soul.

It requires determination and a focused energy of unconditional love to change the personality and bodily habits and bring forth the inner spirit. The soul does change and evolve according to your belief system and actions. The purpose is to bring forth the spirit visibly and tangibly into the soul and body. You are the one who brings all of this together when you decide you have had enough of limitation, lack, falsity, sin and suffering. Real balance, true healing begins when we fall in love with the Divine Light within. When that happens, we naturally love and respect other people,animals, nature and the entire creation package. We understand weak minded people because we have experienced separation and fear. If you do not love the real you, the spirit that most people forget, a genuine healing does not take place. You are only fooling yourself. Then
you are obligated to return over and over again into the flesh until you finally get it right. Once you get it right, you have a choice to return to earth and help others lift consciousness or you can take a break from the confinement of an animal body.

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