Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spiritual Growth as a Science

What I share is similar to the ancient Siddha teachings of Southern India because it is a science. The teachings which are thousands of years old have proven over and over again to be correct. Before anyone can move forward in consciousness, the individual spirit identity must be acknowledged, accepted, honored and loved. There is an Arabic saying, "If you wish to know God, you must know yourself". Do you ever have moments when you fervently wish you could have tangible help and proof from the worlds of Light? Have you ever desired solid proof that you are indeed a spirit temporarily using an animal body? Perhaps, you have experienced proof in times of great need. You can experience proof daily through commitment, trust, and a determination to be outwardly your true Self.

Have you reached the point where you do not wish to suffer any more? Do you want to live a mediocre or frustrating life or one that reflects the beauty and grace of your inner spirit? Living as a conscious spirit is a very different way to live. One of the tools you can use to live in a new way is to deliberately change your negative karma. It is possible to create a destiny that makes your heart sing. You can also intimately experience divine companionship that will help you daily. In other words, instead of being thrown around by fate it is possible to consciously determine your own destiny and not live solely from old memory patterns.

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