Friday, September 26, 2008

Help is Available

We are fortunate. There is more Divine Light showering our plant although it does not always appear that way. The growing intensity of Celestial Light works in harmony with us when we are prepared and receptive. It is up to us individually to consciously work with the Light allowing it to guide, protect and even heal us. I favor calling the Light, the Holy Spirit or Golden Light. It is feminine, creative, comforting unconditional love and absolute intelligence. Light is not associated with any particular religion. Scripture describing It can be found in all religions. If you decide to make it your life's purpose to lodge the Celestial Light, fire, grace into your chakras, energy fields, mind and emotions, you will be transformed.

The Holy Spirit, the creative Light of God, has been an active part of my life for thirty-eight years. What appalls me is how so many people either ignore, harshly judge its power or deliberately deny them selves the wholeness and freedom It offers. I am well aware of how individual consciousness, karma and belief systems affect our lives. Having been intimately involved in hundreds of healing of others and frequently with my own body and mind, I feel I have a pretty good grasp regarding the intricacies of physical healing.

Paying close attention to the belief system of 'patients', I have noticed how a strong sense of self esteem allows the 'patient' to heal quickly and easily. This could also imply that the karmic condition of the debilitating physical condition was exhausted resulting in an instant healing.
I have been shocked many times listening to people stating why they have decided not to keep their wonderful physical healing. The reasons range from not being able with a good conscious to continue to accept disability checks, feeling guilty about their not so pure behavior, not being able to forgive one's own thoughts and the desire to have a spouse continue to wait on them.

Forgiveness plays a huge part in a permanent healing. We must heal in the soul, mind, emotions if we desire a permanent healing in the body. Recently, a stranger asked for a soul healing to save her marriage. The results were quick and remarkable. Her desire selfless. Some people will feel the Holy Spirit moving in the area of dis ease and assume they are physically healed. It is not always the case. The soul sometimes has a different agenda than the personality. The issue that caused the dis ease is removed but it is time for the departure of the animal body. Sometimes a person will suffer to break its attraction to suffering. Other times someone who does not believe in the necessity of suffering or karma will experience ongoing misery. It could be he needs to learn what it is like consciously to be what he is not and experience what he does not believe in.

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