Monday, September 29, 2008

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a form of concentration on a single object or subject without allowing the mind to shift awareness. It helps us concentrate and strengthen our mind. I strongly urge you to find the time to meditate daily. To keep calm during the time of changes whether personal or impersonal is a must. The mind must be trained to be tranquil. Tranquility creates distance. In other words, we are not controlled solely by our thoughts and emotions. Many people are satisfied with the escape that meditation provides and their efforts stop with the feeling of peace. We are not to escape. We are to tune in and discover the higher Self and gain true knowledge. The next step is to use the knowledge for good.

One of the many tools for creating the desires of your higher Self is the use of ancient sacred sounds. Sound take form through mantras. Proven tools such as ancient sacred sounds will pierce the layers of the unconscious. If you first develop the art of meditation, you will learn to be self-observant. Understanding will expand and a good house cleaning of hidden memories of the past occur. Once you feel that you have reached a more even state of mind, the next step, the regular use of sound, will work effectively for you. It won't only be intellectual, which is limited. Your efforts will come from the energy of your feeling nature.

As you probably know already, a soul-memory housecleaning can be disturbing. Why? You are tracking down your own accumulated falseness and fears in the unconscious. The benefits are worth the effort because you will gain a clearer perspective of your present state of consciousness. An attitude change will occur. So, if you meditate you already know the benefits of recharging your energy and healing the body, mind and emotions. The goal is to be aware of a higher reality and purpose in living. You tune into your spirit identity, the real you. The pranic energy increases when the body is in an immobile state. It also can make you restless. When you gain understanding of the process, then simply relax.

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